February 28, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Last Sunday, on our weekly trip to Target, Andrew asked if we could go on a Spring Break vacation. We were amused and asked him where he wanted to go on this vacation. Without pause he quickly told us San Diego was his dream destination. We questioned him on why San Diego and he, quite logically, informed us that Sea World is there and he would like to see the dolphins.

We were entertained. Instead of just telling him that we don't actually get a Spring Break in our lines of work, we told him that traveling to San Diego would cost a lot of money and that mommy and daddy would need to talk about it.

An hour later, on our way home from said Target excursion, he asked if we'd had time to consider his request and what was our decision about Spring Break in San Diego. This should have been our first sign that he wasn't going to let this one go.

But, no. We're still not getting up early enough to keep up with him. This is what came home from school yesterday, amidst his pile of papers about Dr. Seuss and Dental Health Month.

In the interest of time - yours - allow me to translate. This is a note, in Andrew's very best penmanship, that informs us in writing of his burning desire to go to the airport, get on an airplane and go to San Diego with his mom and dad for Spring Break.

You can imagine that his teacher could hardly wait to ask me this morning if I'd had a chance to look through his papers from yesterday. Needless to say, the staff of the Pre 2 room at Stepping Stones was amused. I'm told that this represents approximately 20 minutes of careful copying of his teacher's draft, letter by painstaking letter.

We really worry about this kid. When might he learn to let us know how he feels?

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Anonymous said...

It's always been obvious that Andrew is really "wishy washy" about his feelings and ideas. :-)

What an absolute hoot! Gosh, Andrew's Grandpa Butch & Grandma RoRo would LOVE to have him come out with his family for Spring Break in San Diego.

Andrew, Sea World is way cool! You would love seeing those dolphins.