March 4, 2008

He's one hot rock

It's Tuesday afternoon and Thomas and I are chilling at home. Actually, he's incapable of chilling, what with his 102 fever and all. Kids are so amazing because one minute 102 can look pretty dire on an almost-two-year-old and the next they rally and look pretty darn good. He usually rallies about the time I get him to the doctor's office. Motrin is some good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Although it's darn hard, I keep telling myself that all those bugs that kids get in group settings are making them more immune for the long haul. Of course, at the time it's SUPER BUGGY!!! Hugs & love to Thomas and his mom. RoRo

SStites said...

Oh, poor Thomas! Tell him Aunt Sharon and Uncle Harold hope he feels better soon. And, Susan, glad you are getting into the blogging business! Women just seem to write more often than men (many men say we TALK more, too, but perhaps that is only because we have more worth saying--did I REALLY say that?)! Anyway, good reading your updates!