February 25, 2008

What can I bring?

I feel like I just got that coveted invite to a party that everyone else has been attending for years. Mark has relented and allowed me access to hondo.org. I have RSVP'd to the invitation and this is my blogging debut.

I've arrived at this party without a gift for the host but I've brought kid pictures. Who doesn't love to look at photos of someone else's kid at a big party? What? You don't? But wait, my kids are really cute. Just humor me.

T is so cute that he got away with hijacking his brother's post-dinner cereal snack last week. T's motto goes something like, "If it isn't pinned down and my brother's in timeout, I shall eat it. You know you won't stop me."

A is so cute that he keeps landing himself in timeout at dinner. Oh wait, that's not actually so cute.

It is, however, pretty cute that he's set-up a practice skateboard ramp in the basement where he uses a sheet of paper to work on his moves. He's anxiously awaiting warmer weather so he can visit the skate park and watch the experts. There are very few subjects on which he doesn't currently consider himself to be the expert so we're encouraging this.

That's all I've got for now but I hope to be invited back. It appears that my host invited me as a one-time guest with little editing power so I'm off to try and wrangle an invitation that will yield some creative control.


Maria said...

OMG! Susan you are spectacular! I religiously check this site always hoping that maybe Mark took some time away from his bike and other computing tasks to update. Why is it always a woman who can get the job done? You did a great job, and I for one love looking at your super cute kids. I'm in no way bias of course. :)

Anonymous said...

I echo Maria's sentiments. Each day I religiously check Mark's blog and THERE'S BEEN NADA NEW FOR FAR TOO LONG. So, a woman rises to the occasion. Yay for you, Susan. The pics are great, the boys are priceless, and it's fun to read the commentary. Love, RoRo