February 23, 2014

Iron Chef Henderson

I'm cooking chicken enchiladas for dinner. After pronouncing that gross, he decided to prepare his own dinner. 

 I'll let you be the judge of whether a chopped medley of pepperonis and string cheese in a tortilla is less or more disgusting. 

P.S. Yes. He's wearing pajama pants while preparing dinner. It was a busy Friday and Saturday and lazy Sundays are pretty difficult to come by around here. What can I say?

February 21, 2014

Flipping for the Olympics

Thomas has mastered the cartwheel. He cartwheels onto the couch and off of the couch. He cartwheels to the dinner table and to the shower. He has even perfected holding a ball while he cartwheels into a slam dunk on our much-loved Little Tykes basketball goal. Last night he was cartwheeling out of excitement overload from watching the giant slalom. He's a keeper.