November 12, 2006

Mad Bikers

Yes, we've torn up the streets with our killer riding pace. If Dad wasn't handicapped with having to wear jeans and ride Susan's bike, he may have rode me into the dirt. It is somewhat amusing when a Californian complains about the "hills" in Kansas. The riding has been good the past couple of days since Old Man Weather has decided to give us somewhat of a reprieve from the usual conditions this time of year. Here's hoping for more good days when Dad and Jeff are in town next month.

November 10, 2006

Grandpa Butch

Granda Butch is in the house! It's good to have all the generations collaborating, and we have more bodies to play hide and seek with Andrew. We have big fun planned this weekend. Madeline is in doggie heaven now that she has a downstairs sleeping mate. Life is good, or Life Rocks as they say.

November 5, 2006

New Hat

My head was getting too big, so Momma got me a new hat. The bonus is it matches the car seat cover that Grandma Elaine made for me. Ain't I styling.