October 31, 2011


Another Halloween is in the books. We had a skeleton and Toad in the house this year and thanks to Grandma, Toad’s hat was a mega hit with the second grade crowd. As tends to be the way with Halloween, we stretched the festivities out over a couple of days by carving pumpkins, attending a Halloween carnival at the boys’ preschool, enjoying parties at their elementary school and trick-or-treating with friends tonight. 

boys halloween

andrew toad

thomas wih pumpin

Andrew hit the ‘hood tonight with friends from school and a few of their parents. He was delivered home with a bulging bag of candy, which he had already ensured was nut free by making strategic trades with a buddy. I thought that was forward thinking. What might NOT have been forward thinking was the fact that I found all of these empty wrappers in his bag. These were just the ones he didn’t think to dispose of before I found them. I shudder to think what else he ate in addition.


Happy Halloween!


Rosemary said...

Sending all sorts of good thoughts your way with regard to the candy. But my observation was when we were there that he is very careful about what he eats with regard to peanuts. His reaction made a BIG impression on him! Love the costumes. Love the boys. Today I showed Maria and the kids the "Thomas dancing" video. Will send that on to you all. It's fantastic! And, the missing tooth pictures are super, too. What a great time we had with you all!

Maria said...

I love that Andrew and Zac had the same idea going! T looked awesome. You can't go wrong with the skeleton costume!