November 10, 2011

We all have our thing

I don’t know the official name for this habit I have, but I have to (hope to?)  believe we all do it. You know that phenomenon where you get to the grocery store and, as you’re methodically pacing the aisles, you suddenly find yourself reaching for some staple that’s not on you list? There are just some items that you know in your heart you can’t overbuy. 

Even if no one has thought to actually write it on the list,  I buy shredded cheddar cheese each and every time I go to the store. We use it in lots of ways and if you get home and discover you’ve still got some in the fridge it freezes.  Milk? It’s a given we need milk.  It’s like a family rule; if you go to Dillon’s for any reason, buy milk.

We have recently discovered, though, that there are some staples that should be purchased only if they’re actually written on the list and even then, should be purchased only in a small quantity. And, said staples should not ever be purchased by one family member without first consulting the other.

Exhibit P…for pepper.


This is about 2.5 lbs. of peppercorns. Sadly? This isn’t all of it. We’ve got two small jars in the cupboard also. Anyone dining at Chez Henderson in the next, oh, say four years, should expect their meal to be heavily seasoned.


Butch Henderson said...

Since pepper is "my thing," I bet I bought at least one of your peppers during a visit. I shall return to season.

Rosemary said...

Gosh, I see Butch has already posted. I was going to suggest peppercorns for Butch's Christmas present, Susan, since you drew his name. :-) He does love them and uses them every night.

Kate and Dennis said...

In my house, P would be for powdered sugar. I just bought two bags the other day, only to discover I had THREE opened, half-used bags at home already. I've been a sugar cookie factory lately, hence the abundance.