June 30, 2009


Our boys were invited to a pirate-themed birthday party a few weekends ago. We had lots of fun buying red bandanas, sashses and clip-on earrings. Thomas' favorite pirate accessory was, obviously, the eye patch.

He insisted upon wearing two and, like any good mother would do, once I relented I called Mark into the kitchen so we could both watch him stumble around like a drunken sailor. It only took him about 90 seconds to figure out this just wasn't going to work so he wore them on top of his head like sunglasses. All. Day. Long.


Maria said...

Ok Thomas is super cute as always but I'm checking out the background of the picture. Your kitchen is totally clean and you even have fresh flowers in a vase! I thought you just did that when we visit. You are so Martha! :O I'm in awe!!!

Kimmer said...

Oh no! That is HIIIlarious. I can see one of mine (Josie) doing the same thing. I also love the comments about ants. the product description might as well read: "Oh, by the way, if you live in Kansas, don't bother ordering ants during what you call summer. It's amazing anything can live during that stretch of the year."