July 6, 2009

Lions and tigers and...oh my

Thomas and I were in the car this afternoon, on our way to the doctor's office to obtain a ridiculously expensive tube of antibiotic ointment for his infected bug bites. (I'm already straying off topic but if you notice your child scratching his bug bites incessantly and then notice that they're taking on new textures and that the lymph nodes behind his ears are swollen up like rocks, they might be infected. Apparently this was not obvious to us at first so I waited a couple of days to do anything about it. Again, just waiting on my mother of the year award to arrive any day now.)

Ahem. Where was I?

Yes. Thomas and I were in the car and I asked him what they were learning about at school this week. He informed me in an enthusiastic tone, that they were talking bears. We chatted along about this theme and he shared that grizzly bears are big, brownish-black and that they eat a lot.

"What do they eat?," I asked.

"They eat grass and trees and weeds mostly," he said.

"Anything else?," I prompted.

"Yes. They also eat cars."

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Rosemary said...

Thomas's mind is an exciting land of enchantment and never-ending surprises. Watch out for those car-eating bears. I'm certainly on the alert.