July 14, 2008

Things about which I'm wondering

1. Is it normal to be so absorbed by the Tour de France that you watch several hours of coverage even on a rest day?

2. Why, oh why, is the word "butt" so fascinating to the PreK set?

3. How in the world do the dishes get in the dishwasher? It's like magic how they just spirit themselves from the sink to the machine and back out to the cabinets.

4. Is it normal to be tired ALL. THE. TIME?

5. If I won the lottery then called up Pottery Barn and said, "I would like the bedroom on p. 29, the living room on p. 55 and the rug on p. 72," would they ship it via FedEx or would someone come hand deliver it?

6. Does anyone out there want a dog? She's very sweet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There are way too many questions about life for which there will never be satisfactory answers. These cover topics like the appeal of the Tour, being enamored with the word "butt," decorating our house exactly like we want it, and not having poopy, ever present critters. They are all darn lucky to have YOU in their lives! Love, RoRo