July 16, 2008

Half right

While telling me about his classmates' new puppy who came to visit at school today...

Andrew: Josh and Sophie have a new dog named Wrigley. They brought him to school this afternoon.

Me: That's great. What kind of dog is Wrigley?

Andrew: One of those half and half dogs.

Me: Do you mean a mutt, like Madeline?

Andrew: No. A Labradoodle.

Me: Oh, half poodle and half lab?

Andrew: NO! Half labra and half doodle.

So there you have it.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the name says it all. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Gee, Mom, didn't you know? That is classic Andrew. What a hoot! Those really are cute dogs. RoRo

Amber said...

I bet Andrew and Connor would have some interesting conversations!