April 2, 2008

Notes of (little) interest

I had a post all ready to go about how I caught Mark and Andrew defacing a photo of Mt. Rushmore in PhotoShop last night. They were drawing mustaches and bowties on presidents and had even added Madeline into the pic. Andrew pronounced it "adorable" when Mark added a puppy for Madeline. Unfortunately, Mark thought he had saved the doctored image but it's now MIA.

So, for your viewing pleasure I could offer up images of my harrowing dentist visit yesterday. This would be the one where I had two cavities filled and it took 6 shots of two different ammunitions to numb me. But, boy howdy. Once I was numb, I was numb. In fact, I was so numb that while biting on the blue paper they use to know where to polish, I bit my tongue. I bit it so hard that the dentist and his assistant gasped and went rushing for gauze. Only I could do this. A whole lot of blood and a lovely puncture wound later, I was sent home with an antibiotic mouthwash. And, as a bonus, they took some gory pictures just as it happened. I asked them to e-mail them to me so I could illicit some sympathy from Mark. I'm still waiting on that.

Other Henderson family trivia for today:

  • Andrew is rooting for Kristie Lee Cook to take it all on American Idol. Any support you could throw her way would be appreciated, as he and Mark are now voting compulsively after each show. Our cell plan doesn't include texting so this is costing us.
  • Thomas had his two-year well visit this morning. He's our 50th percentile kid and we just love him there. The nurse did kindly point out that he might have a chronic runny nose because he goes to daycare. Thanks.
  • Andrew has completed Level 1 swimming. I'm not entirely sure what this means because there's still a lot of sputtering and flailing, but he's very proud of his efforts and so are we.
  • Last, for those of you updating your calendars, Andrew informed me today that his birthday is getting close now, since we're "already on April 2-th."

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