April 5, 2008

What are you doing Monday evening?

It's a really neat night to be a Jayhawk and a fun night to live in Lawrence, but I suppose that goes without saying!

I'm listening to Brandon Rush, Cole Aldrich and Darnell Jackson being interviewed by news outlets like the New York Times at their post-game news conference and watching Downtown Lawrence become a five-block long street party. And here in the 'burbs we're being serenaded by horns honking and fireworks booming.

Maybe the Jayhawks knew that the Henderson boys had their backs. They sported their new Beak 'em Hawks shirts proudly.

I'm told there's another game to play, but for tonight, this sure feels like a pretty big win. We in this house are very proud to bleed crimson and blue so we can rightfully say: ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, GO KU!

p.s. I'm starting a Billy Packer club. I wouldn't really call it a fan club so much, if you get my drift... Membership is free and the only requirements to join are that you share my lack o' love for the man's commentating and that you're willing to join me in lobbying CBS for his immediate dismissal.

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Kimmer said...

I have found you, and I know you, and I will continue stalking you. Do you order number 8's at LaFam? If so, we must meet up some time soon. rock chalk.