March 30, 2008

You say it's your birthday

It's official. We no longer have any babies in this house. We have big boys. Thomas' birthday celebration began on Thursday and ran through Saturday night and now we've got a two-year-old, who I'm sure will grace us with plenty of terrible two behavior in coming months. But, for today, we'll just call him delightful. He loves me and I'm not sure what more I could ask for from a rambunctious little man.

He's a lucky boy who was gifted with many celebrations and lots of fun new toys and books this weekend. With that, I present the photo retrospective of Thomas' big birthday weekend.

We started the party on Thursday evening because a large box from UPS was waiting and we figured spreading out the opening of gifts would be better. It just so happens that the first box contained what turns out to be probably the most fought-over and generally delightful gift he's ever received. Both boys loved it and have negotiated (fought) over it all weekend. It's a moon pod and moon rover that go with a rocket that he received for Christmas. BIG FUN. LOTS of astronauts!

Friday brought the party at school. My colleague, Kate, gets creative credit for the Jayhawk sugar cookies that the Toddler Room friends and staff enjoyed. It seemed appropriate given the March Madness swirling in Lawrence. The cookies were literally as big as the faces of most of the kids.

Friday afternoon we were able to play outside, which is a gift in itself with the winter we've had and we went to our favorite mexican restaurant so Thomas could gorge himself on chips & salsa and rice. He opened his gift from mommy, daddy and Andrew that evening. More fighting ensued, even though mommy had carefully selected a toy that seemed fool-proof on that front.

Saturday brought a joint birthday dinner for Thomas and Great Grandma Sarah. They celebrated a combined 89 years and I think the fact that we can all be together to do that is pretty amazing. We had great food and the generations teamed to blow out candles and open gifts. You know what they say...many hands make quick work!

After dinner Andrew talked Mark into playing Candyland and someone(s) talked Grandma into a sing-along in the office.

Then we came home and everyone melted down for the next 45 minutes because, really, how could home and bedtime compete with all of that fun?

I think he enjoyed his weekend and I know he's enjoying all his new loot. In true two-year-old fashion, he'll tell anyone who asks that it's "MINE! No, Andrew. MINE."

I once read - or maybe someone told me - that when you have small kids the days are sometimes long but the months and years fly by, and we know that's true.

Happy Birthday, Thomas Luke!

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