February 23, 2013

Overheard today...

(Today, while watching me do some cleaning...)

Thomas: Mom, why are you always polishing handprints off the walls?

Me: Good question.

(Tonight, while out to dinner because Mom needed to get out of the house...)

Andrew (while raising his glass) : We should all toast.

Me: Good idea. To what are we toasting?

Andrew: To my awesomeness.


Rosemary said...

Here's a toast to your awesomeness! I'm still laughing. Much love is sent to all parents - especially you - who are surrounded by snow and cold weather and slick roads, even if they do get out with their kids to go sledding or whatever the "sliding down the hill" apparatus is now called. :-)

Maria said...

Glad Thomas notices your hard work and glad that Andrew has a positive sense of self. :)