July 20, 2012

No respect

Thomas and I were cruising down the street earlier this week and he was, as he’s apt to do when he’s not competing with his brother for air time, telling me a big story from the backseat. He seemed to be questioning whether I was listening so he asked me to repeat a piece of the tale, I think just to test me. Amazingly, I answered correctly. He was appropriately impressed and then he said, “Mom, are you the smartest person in Kansas?”

I was going to assure him I wasn’t, but I was also admittedly flattered and amused so I paused a second before responding.

In that split second of dead air, he chuckled and just as I was about to speak he said, “Never mind. OF COURSE NOT. I forgot about dad!”


Rosemary said...

I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type. I can just picture the look on his face as he asked the question and then as his mind raced to explore the possible answers. What a priceless comment!

Maria said...

I too seem to pale in comparison to the amazing "dad" at my house. So unfair. But so funny!

Claire said...

That kid is HIlarious. A) I love when you post the things your kids say, and 2) You are WAY smarter than Mark ;)

Stephanie said...

At least your kid judges on merit; Natalie informed me she likes Jeff better because his voice is better. And I think that means T assumes you're the second-smartest person in the state. I'd say that's pretty good!