September 2, 2010


On this day 10 years ago it was 106 degrees here in Lawrence and we gathered 200 or so of our sweatiest friends and family for a wedding. Today it's 70 and rainy, so go figure. Other than that, and the fact that we have two testosterone-laden human beings living in our house, everything pretty much remains the same; I'm
still married to my best friend.

Happy 10th Anniversary to us! (I couldn't find a bottle with a 10, so we
improvised. The traditional 10th Anniversary gift is aluminum so it works.)
We've certainly had little itty-bitty glimpses in the last decade of exactly what "for better or for worse," and "in sickness and in health" look like, but have really just been so very fortunate. (As I type, those little testosterone machines are in the other room giggling hysterically, and that alone is an amazing gift.)  

Tomorrow evening we're headed out to a celebratory dinner, as I think we should be, because I can't think of many other things that either of us have stuck with for 10 years! I'll be wearing a beautiful new necklace that I was surprised with this evening and will be proud and happy to be with my love.

Happy Anniversary, Hondo! Here's to the next ten years.

Love, Me


Stephanie said...

Awww, that was sweet. And yes, we were all sweaty but it was a really great wedding! Love you guys!

Rosemary said...

Okay, I'm teary-eyed. Loved your post! Love those testosterone kiddos! Love the "aluminum" zero in the "10" decoration on the bottle! Can't wait to see the necklace! Have a glorious celebratory evening. I would "glow" through it all again for you and Mark. Much love to all of you!!!

Kate and Dennis said...

Awww! Too sweet. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan, Hondo and the little testosterone machines,
What a beautiful testament to 10 great years. And as Natalie would say, "Cheers!" to many, many more. We love you all. Love, Mom and Dad

Maria said...

Oh what a relief! You still love my brother! YAY!! ;) So happy that you became part of my family! Love you!

Paige said...

I remember it well - it was hot but a very beautiful wedding! Paige