September 21, 2010

Points to ponder - Tuesday edition

1. I calculate that there are 1,440 minutes in a day. Of that time, I estimate that I lie in bed staring at the ceiling sleep for approximately 480 minutes. After spending an average of 10 minutes each morning in the shower, I dedicate the next 80 minutes to getting dressed and ready for work, preparing breakfast, locating backpacks and lunches and driving the kids to school and myself to work.  Once there I spend the next 390 minutes wishing I was someplace else working diligently. 

I've checked it twice, because math isn't my strong suit, but the way that works out would indicate that from the time I leave work I still have exactly as many minutes left in my day as I typically use for sleep.  Hmmm. I wonder where those go?

2. We have a trampoline in the backyard that the boys spend a lot of time in - bouncing, talking, laughing, fighting, laughing and bouncing some more. Unfortunately, the net has taken a beating. That's due, probably in equal parts, to the boys bouncing against it, whipping Kansas winds, questionable construction and one unfortunate incident wherein Thomas ripped a hole in it with a plastic golf club while friends were visiting because he was, and I quote, "building a bigger living room in the trampoline for Molly."  (Who says chivalry is dead?) 

Until now I have been able to repair the tears with cord and keep it operational but last weekend it tore at the top and I can't reach it. Then the whipping winds came and the small tear became a gaping hole and I'm out of ideas. I went online today to see about ordering a new net.  It turns out that's not an economical solution.  How can a new net cost 2/3 as much as a whole new trampoline and why am I not in the trampoline biz?

3. I took the boys to Home Depot today. I love Home Depot. I love the way it smells, I love the idea of potential projects and I love the orange aprons their employees wear with their names written on them in black magic marker. Thomas and Andrew love to sit on the lawnmowers out front.

Our mission today was to buy one gallon of paint. During the short time it should take to accomplish that task we visited their restroom twice and revisited the question of why I sit down on a toilet. Why can we rarely accomplish everything that needs to happen in a restroom in our own home and also, why can't we synchronize?


Rosemary said...

You just helped any frustration I've felt today fade into a minuscule pile of insignificance. You are an amazingly lady whom I love so very much!

Anonymous said...

Timeout! You got a trampoline? I am soooo coming over in the spring.