September 27, 2010

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project is one of my most neglected online bookmarks. You have to be in the right mood to really want to be happy and certainly in the right mood to really want to have someone tell you how to feel it. It's a great website, but I don't visit it all that often. In all honesty? Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to read about how simple it is to feel blissfully, ignorantly happy.  (How's that for "ray of sunshine?")

However, when I visit I'm reminded that the first step is to be conscious of the feeling when you have it. With that said, here are the things that have made me happy today.

1. Coffee.
2. My grandmother knowing what Andrew ate for lunch because she keeps track of the school lunches in the newspaper.
3. Thomas explaining to our collective hair stylist what he wants to be for Halloween in such detail that she put down the scissors and turned away from him because she was in hysterics.
4. My grandmother knowing who Brandy is because she likes her on Dancing With The Stars. Grandma's 89.
5. The Real Housewives of wherever. If those women can't make you feel good about your own version of crazy I don't know what would.
6. Mileage checks. I really know better, but it feels like free money.
7. Thomas throwing his arms around Andrew upon our arrival at school, yelling to his friends on the playground, "Hey, guys! My Andrew's here to get me!"

How about you?


Rosemary said...

Oh, my! I'm actually teary-eyed. Thanks for sharing "happy times" that I could see in my mind's eye and feel in my heart. Happiness here today was a good air conditioner that ran and ran and ran to cool down the inside from the 105 degree outside. Happiness was remembering a good time, having lunch with a great friend, and just kicking back after a super hectic week and weekend.

Maria said...

It's early, but so far, Zac blowing me kisses when I dropped him off at school for all to see made me happy. Claire running back for one more hug made me happy. And Luke happily playing trucks while Elmo plays in the background is pretty great too! :)