August 10, 2010


Many of you already know this, but gosh, time flies. 

I know this in part because it's been three+ weeks since I've turned any of the dozens of blog posts I compose in my head on a daily basis into a reality here. During that time we've taken an excellent vacation to California, celebrated several birthdays and generally tried to wring the life out of summer. There's lots I should share.

I know it also because tomorrow this boy goes to first grade.

I owe him a birthday post where I share how wonderful I think he is and how much I love his constant curiosity and his ever-growing command of the English language and his willingness to try new things. I need an hour to sit down and document how we're simultaneously so much alike and so totally different and how I love him for all of that and how good he is for me. I don't have that hour tonight because the labeling of new school supplies and backpacks calls, but suffice it to say that I couldn't be more proud of this boy who is going to first grade tomorrow.

It seems darn near impossible that he could be ready for that but the fact that he's reading and writing and doing math in his head would indicate otherwise. I don't know that I'm ready but, fortunately or unfortunately, these things aren't left up to mothers. All I can do is hope he figures out how to painlessly manuever the school lunch system and look forward to the report tomorrow afternoon.

Look out first grade.  Here he comes!


Rosemary said...

What a wonderful picture of Andrew. Here's wishing him a super first day in 1st grade!!! We'll be calling to hear a full report.

Stephanie said...

Can't believe he's going to first grade! I hope it's awesome. We'll be ready to hear all about it in person :)