June 10, 2010

Identity crisis

Andrew's summer camp classroom has been home to a mouse for the last year.  This was the same room in which he spent his afternoons during the school year and Harold the mouse was like a class mascot. The kids loved him and their teacher was a very good caretaker. That teacher has, however, departed to attend veterinary school and their new teacher apparently isn't fond of pet mice and has decided that Harold can't stay.

Andrew got in the car after school this afternoon completely distraught because another family at the school removed Harold from the premises today in a butter container, bound for his new home. He reports that Harold is going home to Grace's house to live in a new cage that is...the horror of it...pink.  It is also rumored to have a picture on the top of a mouse wearing...a tutu. And?  The biggest injustice? Harold is going to have a new name. From here forward he will be referred to as...Cupcake.

Andrew's not happy.


Stephanie said...

Well, my condolences to Harold and you, really, for having to teach gender-identity issues at such a young age. I'm just glad it ends with Cupcake and a new home instead of Harold went to heaven!

Rosemary said...

So, Andrew discovered that the beloved "Harold" is really a "Cupcake." These hard lessons aren't easy. I would have loved to have been in the car during this discussion. Kudos to you, Mom-who-has-to-deal-with-explaining-it-all, alias "Saint Susan."

aimee said...

egad! from harold to cupcake. well ;)

i don't know how i missed your mothers day thing from thomas but i nearly fell on the floor reading it just now. it is so funny to see ourselves through their little eyes. i remember when nina's class did that in pre-K for fathers day. i read nearly every kid's in the entire class - they were that entertaining. you wouldn't believe how many dads were purportedly the age of methuselah.

Maria said...

There is a great chapter book series called "Humphrey" that Andrew would probably LOVE reading after this incident. The books are all from Humphrey the Hamster's perspective and he lives in a classroom. So cute!