March 16, 2010

A send-off and salute

Spring Break is in effect for the one of us lucky enough to attend elementary school. Until last Friday I was feeling badly that Andrew wasn't going to have the kind of Spring Break I remember from my youth; either on a beach or just lounging at home doing nothing productive and enjoying the life of the sloth. That all changed when the message came home outlining this week's planned activities at his home away from his other school, aka home-away-from-home. We'll call it Spring Break Day Camp because this is certainly not simple daycare.  We're pretty lucky.

Things began with swimming at the Indoor Aquatic Center yesterday.  It's difficult for parents to compete with the college students serving as tour guides for the week.  I know I'm not as fun as teacher Jimmy, a college student who apparently really wowed the kids with his diving and bellyflopping prowess at the pool.  And, I know I'm not as fun as Chavis who guided them through a rigorous round of sign-making and then took them to the Fieldhouse today to help send the 'Hawks off to OKC for a little something we call basketball.

Think they're having fun?

This afternoon they'll stage their own basketball tournament back at school, and tomorrow?  Tomorrow they will be in the annual St. Patrick's Day parade downtown.  I could have taken the afternoon off work so he could see the parade but I have no strings to pull to allow him to ride in the parade.  I've been trumped.

Bowling and the Natural History Museum will round out the week. Next year I'm going to take the week off work.  And then see if I can attend Spring Break Day Camp too.


Stephanie said...

Well I'm glad his week isn't a disappointment! Sign me up for next year, too, please.

Rosemary said...

I'm making my reservations now for next year. That's way too much fun to miss. Loved Andrew's sign, shirt, and 'Hawks' yell in the picture. How fantastic!