March 22, 2010


Well, well, well. What a weekend we've all enjoyed. What's not to enjoy about snow and a Jayhawk loss?  It's good times here in the land of Hondo.  Fortunately our built-in entertainment persists...


While eating dinner on Friday evening we were discussing our middle names, which is still a somewhat confusing concept for Thomas. Andrew was trying to explain it to him in a patronizing tone he has perfected...

Andrew: Thomas, your middle name is Luke.

Thomas: No, my name is Thomas.

Andrew: Your first name is Thomas. Your middle name is Luke. You know how you can remember that?  It's like Luken Logs. 

Thomas: [looking confused]

Me: Do you mean Lincoln Logs?

Andrew: Oh.  Yes. Never mind.


As we were leaving the Kansas City Zoo on Friday afternoon the cold front of the century was blowing through town, dropping the temperature 20 degrees in a matter of minutes. I was carrying Thomas and running, trying to get to the car as quickly as possible. He was squirming around, insisting I stop...

Thomas: Mommy, stop PLEASE, I really want to see that bus.

Me: It's just a bus, Thomas, let's look as we run.

Thomas: No, it's not a regular bus. It has an upstairs. It's a double dipper bus.


Yesterday afternoon, after not getting dressed until noon and not having left the house at 4 p.m., I suggested the kids get bundled up to play in our rapidly melting, hopefully last of the season, snow. They agreed it was a good idea and only had to take a bathroom break each while dressed in full snow gear. Victory!

After about 30 minutes outside Andrew asked if I would get a rope and the sled so he could pull Thomas like a sled dog. That seemed like a good idea until Mark busted them heading up the deck stairs, sled in hand, to get a running start into the yard.  Someone call Mensa.

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Rosemary said...

Hey, how else can you get a really good sled ride in a backyard without a steep slope? Gee, Dad.