February 17, 2010

Chicken of the Sea, or something like that

This afternoon on our drive home I asked Thomas what he had eaten for lunch. I ask this question each day, sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes to find out what not to serve for dinner. Usually neither boy can remember.

Today Thomas remembered immediately that he had three glasses of milk. Hmmm. 

Me: What else?

T: Well, Sarah cooked those disgusting sticks.

Me: Oh, fish sticks?

T: Yes. It was disgusting.

Me: Do you know that fish sticks are really kind of like chicken nuggets?

T: Have you ever had a fish stick?

Me: Yes. I used to like them when I was little.

T: Well, they are nothing like chicken nuggets.

Me:  Well, they're both breaded and you can dip them both in ketchup.

T: Well, fish sticks do NOT have chicken inside of them. Actually, what's inside of them is kind of like chicken but it has little bits of something different in it. They are crunchy on the outside like nuggets but on the inside they have something that is the same color as chicken and is good with ketchup but it has little itty-bitty pieces of that stuff that's just like chicken and it doesn't really taste like chicken even though it really does kind of look like it.  Do you know I am talking about, mommy, those sticks have that stuff inside of them that's not at all like chicken?

Me:  Yes.  It's fish.

T: Oh.

Me: So, you didn't eat them?

T:  Oh, yes. I ate them. 



Rosemary said...

I'm in sync with Thomas. While I don't like fish sticks, I would eat them if they were the only option, especially if ketchup accompanied the meal. Ketchup can cover "a multitude of sins."

Maria said...

Tell him to try them with ranch. Yummm!