November 13, 2009

A bad day defined

This made me a few minutes late to work today. Of course, if I hadn't stopped to take pictures before I detoured, I could have shaved at least 90 seconds off my delay.  But, really.  How could I NOT have taken pictures of this?

This is a moving van that apparently went directly over the top of a roundabout down the street.  Until today, there had been landscaping and a sign in the middle of this roundabout.  I'm guessing the rose bushes aren't going to make it.

That's right.  Moving van on concrete.  I think this is known as being high-centered, no?  Bummer, dude.


Rosemary said...

"If I only had a brain!"

Stephanie said...

Hilarious. And I'm glad that it's not my stuff on that truck because I sure wouldn't trust the driver or his helpers to take good care of my things! SO glad you took pictures :)