October 21, 2009


It’s been a long-ish kind of week around here.  I do know it’s only Wednesday, but still.  We have marked a first this week where Parent A and Parent B needed to be out-of-town on non-negotiable business.  At the same time.

We saw the collision coming on the calendar months in advance and knew that there was no hope of either commitment changing so we had to enlist the help of the A-Team grandparents.  The boys are always fine in that situation. They get to spend lots of time with Grandma and PaRon and eat lots of cookies and drink Sprite after school and have pancakes on school days.  It’s me that doesn’t cope so well. 

My commitment was actually just an hour down the road so I did the 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. commutes to be able to sleep at home and relieve Grandpa and PaRon for the night.  It’s always better to sleep in your own bed but I am finding out that three days of that makes me tired. Mark is still gone so we’re just holding on for Friday. 

After three long days at my conference and many miles on the road in pouring rain, THIS is exactly the kind of news a girl can use to brighten a day that’s dreary on so many levels.  To this news I say, thank you USAF!


Kimmer said...

Head is tingling with happiness for you guys. So cool. Just be thankful that your kids didn't get H1N1 this week. You want it?

kerikish said...

That's so awesome! I'm so excited for you all. I'm sorry though that you had a tough week. Take care!

Rosemary said...

Good news like this is what keeps us all grounded. How wonderful for your whole family.

Unknown said...

Susan- I'm so sorry you guys have had a really long, scary week! Sounds like all of the necessary precautions were made, but still the stress of it all is overwhelming. Praise God for your awesome family and friends who love you so much they would drop everything to be there for you. I'm so glad Mark is better and I'm praying you have taken a HUGE sigh of relief and have peace. Wis I was closer to help and hang out with you, especially at times like this! I love you Ash