September 13, 2009

We should all work this hard

After many heartbreaks and unanticipated delays, the boys and I set-up the Uncle Milton’s Giant Ant Farm yesterday.  I did most of the setting-up because the ants come with warnings about their ability to inflict painful bites and that was a drama that we just didn’t need.

Anyway, it’s up and running and those ants are industrious.  This morning Thomas and I were watching them work – which is truly fascinating – and observing that they can carry pieces of sand that are larger than their own bodies.  They’re big ants so you can really watch them use their…ahem, hands?… to shape their new environment into their dream home.  We were gazing at them and I asked Thomas how he thought they were able to move such big things and after careful thought he replied. “They must put them in their pockets.” 


Rosemary said...

Hooray for the ants! Hooray for Aunt Susan! Here's to lots of fun times watching those critters "do their thing."

kerikish said...

Your fans want pictures of the ants! Dare I say we are clamoring for them?1