May 30, 2009


The birthday bunnies (aka: PaRon and Grandma) came a little late for Thomas' birthday and a little early for Andrew's this year. That was by design because what they brought came in a big box and took several hours to assemble, and it's a perfect shared gift.

I'll let you be the judge of whether the boys like it.

We're jumping for joy around here! So far Grandma, Aunt Martha, Aunt Stephanie and I have tried it out. Oh, yes, and a few kids too.

About the only one around who hasn't taken a spin on it is our neighbor boy, who would love to try it and spends a great deal of time watching through the fence seen behind the trampoline. His mom isn't comfortable with him jumping on it, which I understand. We're working to build her confidence in our safety precautions because it's a sad sight to see a six-year-old with the imprints of fence boards on his forehead while he watches the fun from afar.


Rosemary said...

There's nothing like the feeling of being suspended in mid-air when jumping on a trampoline. How super that you have one! It was such a childhood thrill for me and I have such fond memories of all of the friends young & older who "jumped for joy." Enjoy!

Maria said...

I want one!