May 25, 2009


I can't seem to put together a coherent post this weekend. I've tried but there's too much going. My sister and her family are visiting and it's non-stop go, which is exactly the way we like it, but the hazard of all that activity is that I can't seem to sift through it right now and turn it into full sentences.

I've got themes rattling around instead.
  • SAND and oh, how boys do love it.
  • JUMPING and oh, how much fun is a trampoline? Adults like them too! (My Aunt Martha is so cool.)
  • EATING and how much of it we do. It's 9:23 a.m. and I'm already thinking about lunch.
  • GIGGLING and how it can take on so many pitches and tones with four kids around. The belly-laughing-six-year-old and the soprano-giggly-two and three-year-olds and the just-learning-10-week-old. Love it.
  • BASEMENTS and how much promise they hold if you don't have one at your house.
  • COUSINS and how they're really the next best thing to siblings.
  • TADPOLES and how intriguing they are and how many can live in a very tiny body of water.
  • FLOWERS and how much even tough guys love to cut them and make bouquets for their moms.
  • BEER and how trainable three-year-olds apparently are. The big boys have T discerning the difference between Bud Light and Boulevard Wheat and making the appropriate delivery. We'll harness that skill for something more useful next week.

There's no time right now to flesh any of these out because we've got a date at the park with the cousins to play in more sand and fly down more slides.

I'll leave you, instead, with the genius of my three-year-old who said this morning, while patting my cheek, "Mommy, I love you. You're my mommy. You're the boss of this WHOLE house! You will be the boss of everything."

I love that kid.


Rosemary said...

Way to go, T. He's got it right. Moms run the world, if I'm not mistaken. Or perhaps it's that they should. So glad you're enjoying every minute of your precious time together with your sister & crew. How wonderful!

Maria said...

AWESOME! So glad you all are having such a great visit. Can't wait to see pics!