April 12, 2009

Thoughts on the Easter bunny

by Andrew and Thomas...

THOMAS: "Mommy, does the Easter bunny bite?"

ANDREW: "I love the Easter bunny better than Santa because he brought all this candy to so many of our houses."

THOMAS: "Will Madeline eat the Easter bunny if it's in our yard?"

ANDREW: "Does this work like where there's just one bunny for the whole world? Because I'm thinking there should be fifty bunnies. They need one for each state. I'm very worried that the Easter bunny will get too tired if he has to do all fifty."

THOMAS: "How does the Easter bunny know me LOVE chocolate?"

In the last 36 hours our kids have dyed 18 eggs, completed three egg hunts and eaten their body weight in candy. They also sat like angels through church so they deserved a treat.

Happy Easter!

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