April 11, 2009

Picture this

By popular request - okay, by one request - photos of Thomas' birthday week are available for your viewing pleasure in the sidebar. A few highlights follow:

This is not birthday-related but how could I resist? Thomas decided to try on Andrew's soccer gear without any help. Here he's posing as a strong man.

This is the cupcake making event. While he may not be wearing any pants, he is wearing rainboots. It's good to be prepared.

As is typical for our well-loved boys, the birthday celebration began early with the arrival of the first gift. These dinosaurs have gotten a lot of airtime in the last few weeks.

We started his birthday morning with the cake making. "Me love sprinkles!"

More presents. This one was so exciting it required standing up.

Enjoying cake. And more cake and more cake.

All dressed for birthday dinner. Orange remains Thomas' favorite color and he's all about piling as much of it as possible into each outfit. This is the kind of "matching" that kind of makes your eyes water if you encounter it in person.


Rosemary said...

Thank you! Now Grandma RoRo feels as though she's experienced the obviously total joy of a special day well celebrated. The pictures say it all. Thomas arrived at 3 years of age with a lot of fanfare and love. That's as it should be for all of us. How marvelous!

Maria said...

I'm so glad he likes the dinosaurs. It warms my heart to see him playing with our gift since we couldn't be there to hug and celebrate with him in person!