February 10, 2009

Joint custody

Early this morning Mark called me over to the computer to show me, quite proudly, that he had changed the template for this humble little blog. He had found a design that was several lovely shades of blue and had a very simple, clean layout. He loved it. I hated it. It was early and I might have freaked out about hating it. I feel ownership over this place because I'm the one who populates it with random, rambling stories and he feels ownership because, well, he started it and it does carry his name.

He, understandably, recoiled and was offended that I was harsh in my critique because he had been trying to help. I have told him several times in recent months that I want some cool design for this site that looks fun and sophisticated and is aesthetically appealing in all ways. I tried to create a banner but when I uploaded it to Blogger it was distorted and I got frustrated and just began whining that I wanted him to fix it. So, he thought he had.

When he very kindly agreed to revert back to the original template I had been using, he didn't know that I had customized the colors so it didn't look quite the same and he said he thought the black/white look was boring. So...pink and purple it is...for now...in honor of Valentine's Day...until we work out the kinks in the joint custody arrangement. In the meantime, if anyone out there has any mad skills with Photoshop and HTML code that you're interested in lending my direction, do be in touch!


Amber said...

Photoshop is my thing, but you will have to look elsewhere for html...was definitely not my favorite class at KU! I do love the site that I get my templates from though...you should check them out ;-)

Maria said...

I am no help to you. I only know how to use the pre-fab templates that Google offers! I think I need advice from you!