September 6, 2008

Just doing my job

Today while being reprimanded for doing something dangerous in front of his brother, thereby setting a poor example, Andrew said to me, "Mommy, you never let me do anything fun and you take the fun from everything I do."

I responded by informing him that it's what I'm paid for and that my contract lasts for approximately the next 15 years.

He didn't see the humor in that.


Anonymous said...

From my perspective the contract runs way much longer than age 20. Thus far, I've found that it's still in effect. :) Love, RoRo

Stephanie said...

I think that's hilarious - from both of you! I'm waiting to hear the story of when Andrew tells someone about his mommy's contract.

The Thomas Crew said...

I enjoyed your blog. I had a day like yours yesterday (the milk episode), and so it was fitting that I followed Steph's link here today! So funny! I actually think about all of you every time I see a sign for Lawrence. :) We are really liking it here.