September 14, 2008


Thomas is always our early-morning buddy. On weekend mornings, when Andrew can lounge upstairs to his content before venturing down to join the rest of us, Thomas gets a fair amount of time with mommy and daddy to himself.

This morning the three of us were in the basement reading the paper and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He was playing contentedly on his own and generally being sweet. I called him over to me and asked for a kiss on my cheek. He complied, but then looked me straight in the eye and said, "Mommy, I a GUY."

Yes, son, I know. There are so many GUYS here.


Stephanie said...

Oh, that's alternately hilarious and heart-breaking. He CANNOT teach that to his cousin! I simply could not handle it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Susan, you are long on guys at your house. Sometimes I think the testosterone must be overwhelming. Understandingly yours, RoRo

Katrina said...

What a lovely group! Hugs from Katrina & Sofia

Amber said...

Oh, I feel your pain on being outnumbered! Even our dog is a boy!