August 6, 2008

Things about which I'm wondering, Vol. 2

1. When your two-year-old barely touches his dinner but then devours a huge slice of 9-grain bread with butter, a bowl of cereal with milk and a small chocolate chip cookie before bed, are you getting worked?

2. Does $3 million a year to coach a collegiate - albeit a very good one - athletics team seem excessive to anyone else out there? I'm kind of bothered by this.

3. Should I have to say things like, "It is inappropriate to look at other people's poop," out loud?

4. Are there other kids in town who are drawing pictures of our new Wal-Mart Supercenter under construction because their mother has driven them there, on demand, so many times to watch the work that they can recreate it from scratch with crayons?

5. Facebook. I just don't quite get it. I need help.


Maria said...

Some deep thoughts to ponder for sure! I don't totally grasp facebook either. All I know is I keep adding to my "friends" list with random people I haven't spoken to since high school. Whatever! :)

Anonymous said...

Facebook is becoming more familiar simply because friends who "get it" a lot better than I have sent such a variety of things that I've had a lot of "ah-ha's" and interesting finds. I'm determined to "get it." RoRo

Amber said...

Why is it that little boys (sometimes even big boys) are so obsessed with these types of bodily functions?!

Stephanie said...

While I can say I've never uttered that *exact* phrase, I can tell you I have that same thought twenty times a day. Oh, the things I find myself saying in all seriousness! The food issue is only better if you put your foot down, don't give the secondary meal and then get second-guessed by your spouse and as for Facebook? I refuse to try.

SStites said...

Yeah, the three million dollar thing really bothers me, too, when actual teachers are so underpaid! Our system is totally out of whack! Oh, and some little girls are also obsessed with some of those bodily functions! I think it is mainly to see Mom's reaction!