January 7, 2013

Sweet Child O’ Mine

This kid? Wow. This kid is everything I ever hoped my son would be at nine-years-old and is simultaneously everything that drives me bonkers.

andrew jamming


He’s smart. He’s smart-mouthed.

He’s funny. He’s a class clown.

He’s confident. He demands the center of attention.

He’s coordinated. He’s quite busy.

He’s curious. He’s relentless.

He loves to have fun. He sometimes likes to have fun at others’ expense.

He knows his own mind. He also knows mine.

The kids have recently discovered dad’s electric guitar. This one’s got just enough of his dad in him that he’s completely obsessed with it…for this week. I walked downstairs last night and found him playing it. Wearing my sunglasses.

This kid. He makes me smile, when I’m not cringing. I just love him.


Mom said...

Nobody ever said he was easy, just frustratingly delightful (and lovable).

Butch Henderson said...

I seem to recall the sounds of an electric guitar resounding from another Lawrence basement over on Strong Avenue.... (:>)

Rosemary said...

Oh, I've zoomed back in time! Mark and Steve Johnson played their guitars by the hour. Mark even took his guitar to England on a bell trip and had to take it apart each time they went to a new place. Love seeing Andrew with the stance and the dark glasses and the peace sign. Your comments are so perceptive & loving. What a mom!

Anne said...

Well said by his sweet Momma. Who could resist loving that guy?!!?

Maria said...

Zac is loving this picture!

I too have a nine year old that I can love and barely tolerate at the same time. Glad to know I'm not alone! :)

Amber said...

Haha! Sounds like he and Cooper are kindred spirits!