May 29, 2012

Welcome to my world

This photo pretty much sums up the phase of life we’re in at the House of Hondo right now. I live with a bunch of boys and the two littlest ones play hard. The crazy thing is that I love these stinky, dirty feet like there’s no tomorrow.


Tonight, when it’s time to shower them up, we’ll work together to scrub them until they shine so he can do it all over again tomorrow.


Butch Henderson said...

Gives new and profound meaning to "foot washing." (:>)

Rosemary said...

I'm smiling both at the feet & in appreciation of dedicated moms all over the world who keep their kids' feet and lives "shiny."

SStites said...

I love that you love even the "dirty" part of parenting and see it as a blessing! You savor every moment of it, just as you should. You will never regret having embraced even the messy parts of parenthood! Hugs to all of you!

Stephanie said...

Suse, as I scrubbed some very dirty (but not as dirty as those) boy feet tonight in the bathtub, I thought of you guys! We miss you and I look forward to our boys getting dirty feet together sometime soon!