May 6, 2012

Setting the bar high

I made a trek into Kansas City last weekend for a gathering of friends from college. There were almost 20 of us and there was tons of good food, good drinks and laughing. The occasion was a birthday celebration for a friend who was visiting from Chicago. Before she lived in the Windy City she spent years in Africa (I know, sounds just like my life, right?!) so most of us hadn’t seen her in many moons. 

As I sat and talked with her we both commented that the shared history in the room was pretty interesting. There is certainly something about spending four years living with people, during a formative period of your life, that connects you even decades later, in a very good and comfortable way. We also talked about the fact that those types of friendships become more difficult to replicate as you get older and life feels busier. We agreed that our college experience had set the bar high for future meaningful friendships with other women but that you just have to keep putting yourself out there.


Little did I know that while I was enjoying good company and dinner, my family was literally setting the bar high at the local high school track. I often read that kids in America aren’t getting enough exercise and are busy watching television and joining an obesity epidemic. I believe it’s happening and I believe it’s a problem, but it’s just not one I can relate to right now. I’m sure the day will come, when they’re teenagers and decide that sleep is pretty cool, that our boys will be couch potatoes but for now it’s not on our list of issues.  I sometimes find myself asking if they would like to watch a show because it’s possible that I might need them to sit down for 30 minutes. One of their very favorite activities is to go to the track to run and mess around in the long jump pits. Mark probably takes them once every 32 times they ask to go, but those odds never deter them. They’re persistent little buggers.

This video gives little snippets of what they love to do up there, and I promise that while it appears Mark is really putting them through their paces, they literally beg for this abuse. (My proof is at :03 where Thomas says, "Anyway, we really NEED this exercise.") If you’re not inclined to watch the whole clip, just check out the 1:30 mark, where Thomas shows us all what can happen if the bar’s too high and how to get back on the horse and just keep trying.

Henderson boys at the track…


Butch Henderson said...

Does that video ever bring back memories!

Rosemary said...

So glad that you and your friends had such a wonderful opportunity for a mini-reunion. Yes, I echo your sentiments about friendships & about how rare opportunities can be for those very special connections to happen. It makes us savor those significant ones all the more.

And, I did love the "track video." Lots of good memories, with just a few chigger experiences thrown in for good measure!

Mom said...

The '91 pledge class is still looking good! And I'm glad to see the boys finally got off the couch. HA.

Paige said...

Susan - I love it! Both your comments about our friendships, and the boys' workout! I'm impressed that Mark can hold the camera and the high jump 'bar' at the same time.

You guys are the exception to the family/exercise dilemma in this country. Keep em' moving!

And I think my high energy boy would love running around the track - we are going to try it!

Stephanie said...

Your pledge class is as cute as ever and, from the outside looking in, you guys got really lucky with a phenomenal group. Mine? Meh. Anyway…and your boys are making me feel lazy.

Claire said...

I like to twist Caesar Milan's dog training phrase "a tired dog is a happy dog" and delete the 'dog' and replace with "child" :)

Maria said...

I see that the bar was set high for beauty in your pledge class as well. Gorgeous girls and pic!

Was that "Homer Tongue" I saw from Andrew as he prepped for his jump?! Love that!