January 26, 2012

It works

The boys were at my parents’ house earlier this week and my mom found an old science riddle book that they (all) found entertaining. She read them nearly every question in the book, which were all science-based in some way, and most also had some little play on words or funny pun worked into them.

Thomas was really into it and really wanted to be able to come up with an answer. He was as eager a student as he knows how to be and was going with the premise that if he tossed out a bunch of answers, it improved his chances of one sticking. Andrew was less interested in tossing out just any answer and was thinking with furrowed brow about his responses, priding himself more on accuracy. That’s why his reaction when Grandma posed this riddle was so funny to me:

“What has six legs and flies south for the winter?”

Without hesitation Andrew said, confidently, in a way only he can, “Three geese!”


p.s. the answer is Monarch butterfly…

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Rosemary said...

Thanks for the "clue." Andrew's answer is just perfect! Love it AND I love all of the wonderful books that Elaine has saved. Thomas and I are kindred spirits in throwing out answers in hopes of a "match." :-)