October 7, 2011

Apology accepted

Mark thinks I should be pleased that he doesn't know how to spell snuck. I think I should be pleased that he does know the way to my heart is the written word.


Mom said...

This further proves my long-held theory that kids learn to spell from remembering what they see in print rather than "spelling lessons". I would bet that he has never seen "snuck" or "snuk" in print.

Rosemary said...

I "snuk" several of those orange, cranberry, cake-like SCRUMPTIOUS cookies when we were there. I'm not sorry & I would do it again! :-) My friend Robin is deducing what makes up the cookie. I also found a recipe online that sounds like "THE" one. Will keep you posted on what we produce. (I imagine that he "snuck" another kind of delicious cookie made by the good cooks in his life.)

Maria said...

Can Andrew please call Zac and give him some advice? He needs to write me a few of these notes. :)