April 26, 2011

Happy happy

We had a really lovely Easter weekend around here. On Saturday we enjoyed two rain-free soccer games, which is an automatic win in April, then an evening with family from near and far. Sunday we enjoyed not one but two egg hunts and the bunny was very generous.

He was so giving that, before we had ever even headed out to church, Thomas was pawing through his haul with amazement.  After surveying the goods he said, "Dad! Look at all these many candies the Easter Bunny brought! We'll be sick when we eat all of this!"

I guess he's got the cause and effect concept nailed. Next week we'll work on how you can use that understanding to avert crisis.

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Rosemary said...

Love the pics, sideways or not! From your description & Mark's, I'd say you all did indeed have a wonderful day. Thomas is certainly right on about all of the candy. I'm glad that you all were with Sara for lunch and that Steph and Jeff and their children were there, too. Fun day all the way around!