February 24, 2011

Limited lexicon

Things were a little raucous at the Hondo dinner table tonight. The combination of a snowstorm, a late-afternoon ice cream cone treat, fresh haircuts and just being male was almost too much to contain.  As is typical, it was Mark who had a brilliant idea about how to refocus our young charges that didn't involve corporal punishment. He got out a piece of paper and asked them each to tell us their three favorite words.

I'll give you a minute here because I know you're thinking of yours right now.  Done?  OK. 

Thomas went first.  "Poop, pee and diaper." 

That pronouncement was followed by hysterical laughter and a smugness that you just kind of have to admire.  This is a young man who knows what he likes.

Andrew went next. "Assassin, Pepsi and Coke." 

Look for a reaction much? Unfortunately, he forgot that it was just this morning that he had asked about the definition of assassin because he had heard the term in relation to Abraham Lincoln. He also forgot that it was me he asked so that didn't come from quite as far out of left field as he might have hoped.

Mark went after him.  Forgetting that he hadn't asked what they boys' three favorite things were, he answered his own question with "Bicycle, computer and cereal." 

This is shocking information, no?

At that point the conversation changed course as Mark and I debated how to spell assassin.  (It turns out it's appropriately spelled and easy to remember, what with that double "ass" right at the front.) By the time we got that worked out the game was over and I never got to tell my three favorite words.

I like words quite a lot and would have had a difficult time narrowing my choices on the spot.  But, if Thomas can do it, I should be able to do it also.  For tonight I'm going with "subsequently, apparently and catalyst." 

So, lay 'em on me. If you're brave enough to list three you like leave them in the comments.  Remember, though, that "poop" is already taken.


Butch Henderson said...

This may violate the letter of the challenge to list 3 words but not the spirit. My 3 are: I LOVE YOU. And I could even stand by them in no particular order.

Bet you thought I'd say: WINE, WOMEN,and SONG. (:>)


Rosemary said...

Okay, I didn't read Butch's until AFTER I selected mine: chocolate, love, and time.

Lori MacDonald said...

Hi Susan,
I just stopped by your blog to see "Thing One!"
And while I'm at it and feeling particularly brave, I thought I'd answer your question. Here it goes...

Peanut, LollyAnne, Jayhawk.
The first two words are no longer spoken. They were my Mom and Dad's nicknames for me. The last, well how can you not love THAT word!?

Thanks for letting me share. :)
Miss Lori

kerikish said...

I love this. Really great project!

Words I use: awesome, apparently, clearly.

Sound so cool: brilliant, discombobulated, placate

Should use more: I am sorry; I love you; I need you.

The Hendersons Rock!

Maria said...

So glad Mark continues to be predictable, I mean, dependable! :)

My 3: refrain, unusual, progressive

Maria said...

Zac just told me his list: THE, WITH, and BECAUSE.

Hmmm. Interesting.

I asked Claire and she said, "I LIKE YOU." That was cute!

Fun game uncle Mark!