January 22, 2011


Is there anything more boring to blog about - or talk about, for that matter - than the weather? No? I agree. You've been warned.

We enjoyed a beautiful, warm fall here in hondoland and didn't see more than a trace of snow until early-January. That's why the successive storms that have each dropped 6+ inches as they blazed through town in recent weeks have been a bit of a shock to the system.

Thanks to snow days, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and strep throat Andrew has only been to school about twice in the last two weeks. That time away from the books has been well-spent, though, and not without its lessons.

We've had engineering and science lessons while shoveling and building snow forts.

Snow = heavier than it looks

Constructing arches of heavy snow = more cooperation and forethought than comes naturally

We've also had some photography lessons. By "lessons," I mean Thomas has tormented us with his Fisher-Price camera and Andrew has helped himself to our camera off the kitchen counter. Andrew's not bad, really, and he's not afraid to take, oh 1,000 or so shots to get a few good ones. 

"Amaryllis in winter"

"Madeline VERY CLOSE to lens"
Currently they are experimenting with free enterprise. They have carefully chosen some of their most prized possessions and arranged them artfully on Andrew's bed, which has become the Fruit of the Loom Shopping Center.  For real. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. It reminds me of the restaurant my sister and I used to pretend to own. We called it the Garden Culvert. Catchy, you have to admit.

Anyway, Mark and I have both been invited upstairs to purchase goods from the store and for the bargain basement price of $2.20 I am now the proud owner of a still life drawing and a small plastic lizard. I believe Mark has just purchased two books and a small rubber ball from the store for only $1. If you forget about the part where we initially purchased all of their inventory, I feel like we really did get some good deals.

Good signage is a must
Impressive display of merchandise

We've got the Jayhawks and Longhorns on tap next. That's when we practice good sportsmanship and volume control. The lessons never end!


Stephanie said...

How much for the autographed ball? I love seeing them having fun together…maybe they could teach that to their cousins?

Anonymous said...

I love that the Garden Culvert restaurant has morphed into Friut Loom Shoping in the next generation. Love those creative, fun-loving boys! Mom

Rosemary said...

Hey, Stephanie, my eyes fell right on that autographed ball, too. I LOVE seeing the "Friut Loom Shoping" sign. They are both so creative. Glad there were some good pics among the 1000 taken. Madeline has that "been around here a long time and am not surprised" look in her eyes. Thanks for giving us such a delightful glimpse of life in snowy Hondoland.

Paige said...

I love it! Good use of the indoor snow days, lord help us!