November 22, 2010

Things about which I wonder

1. Does the 25 cent deposit required to use a shopping cart at Aldi actually improve cart retention? It just seems like if you really want or need to steal a shopping cart that a quarter isn't much of a barrier to acquisition.

2. I spend all day long thinking about, and missing, my boys. Yet, within minutes of being home I'm thinking I could use just a minute. Is this nature's way or my total ineptitude?!

2. How did this pencil mark land on my ktichen ceiling? No one here seems to have any idea. It's a true mystery, which actually isn't my favorite genre.

4. Is it normal for a four-year-old with a limited culinary palate to love pickles?  I'm beginning to worry that he's pregnant.


Stephanie said...

1. Consider the clientele. Not a barrier at Nordstrom, but…

2. Nature's way. I love being home with my kids until I find myself wanting to gouge out my eyes with a spoon. So then I schedule a little Me time and miss them.

3. A mystery, indeed. Obviously they're all three in it together or someone would've ratted out the guilty party. Or Madeleine did it while you were away.

4. If he's pregnant, you're going to be rich. They'll do a whole TLC show on him. But my guess is that he's just a four-year old who will have a much less limited palate in the coming years. Think of it as a gateway food.

Can't wait to be near you guys soon so we can discuss these things at length and in person! Love you all :)

Rosemary said...

Wouldn't you have loved to be in the meeting where they set the quarter "rent" for each cart? I want to know more about the psychology of it all. The "pencil mark" is fascinating! It seems as though a thrown pencil wouldn't make such a long mark. And, it looks very dark for just a pencil. Hmmm! Perhaps the same perpetrator that caused the loud thud/thump upstairs knows the answer. And I do love that "pickle kid."

Kate and Dennis said...

Rumor or true - here is what I've heard about Aldi. Having a quarter rental makes you put the cart back rather than leaving it to roam in the lot, and that means Aldi doesn't have to pay a 16 y/o minimum wage to go around collecting them.

And the pencil mark on the ceiling has me completely perplexed. :)

Paige said...

I also experience missing my boy all day and then needing to escape after being home 5 minutes (sometimes even before we get home!). And for what its worth, at 22 months Charlie loves pickles, too! Have a great holiday! Paige

Maria said...

Well pickles are a green vegetable...right?