July 11, 2010

Hello, my name is

We have a new addition to the family here at the House of Hondo. Andrew celebrated a fabulous 7th birthday this week and this little guy was one of his gifts.

Meet Redtail.

Thomas went with me to  select the actual fish and to choose the rocks for the bottom as a birthday surprise. We of course had to be ready to unveil our new fishy friend within minutes of Andrew's return to the house because there was no way T was going to be able to keep this secret for even a minute longer.

So far, Redtail seems happy in his new home and I can assure you he'll be well fed since they have both already asked twice today if it's time for him to eat.  I only hope the enthusiasm will continue when it's time to clean the bowl.


SStites said...

Nearly as I can tell, what we have here is a Beta????? Ann had one of those for quite a long time--she named it Alpha Beta! They seem to be more hardy than goldfish, for sure!

kerikish said...

That's a Rock Chalk fish and tank if ever I saw one! Red Tail is a perfect, literal name. It reminds me when I asked Andrew if he wanted to name the breaker benches in the LLC pool something fun like Hank and Mo so we'd know which one I was talking about and he decided to go with Breaker 1 and Breaker 2. Hope the b-day was great!

Rosemary said...

Love the Beta and the colors. Way to go, Thomas! No doubt Andrew is thrilled. We can't wait to hear all about the birthday celebration.

Stephanie said...

Welcome to the family, Redtail. I hope I get to meet you!