May 7, 2010

Of pledging

First, thank you all for having my back on the garage sale thing.  I feel so loved knowing you would offer your pork rinds and travel trailers and toilet planters just to support me as I junk up the neighborhood.  I should state that my neighbor is really a very good neighbor, snotty comments aside. She's not someone with whom I will ever be best friends but will loan me an egg if I need it and would bail us out in a crunch anytime. She's also home a lot which is really a bonus when we're not because she's very nosy observant.


Mother's Day is saturating the airwaves this week and I've heard several funny Mother's Day bits on the radio in recent days. One involved a local station giving away hotel rooms for one, as a Mother's Day treat to the moms with the most convincing stories indicating that all they really need is a break from their families. Another station today was giving away spa packages to moms who called in with the most embarrassing kid stories. I think that had I called and reported something Andrew did a couple of weeks ago I could have been a candidate.

KU's new football coach has committed to run a "clean" program, which means that his entire staff has pledged not to use foul language with players, not to condone any alcohol or drug use and to generally encourage players to behave like reasonable human beings. At the recent spring game, Coach Gill asked the adults in the stands to take a pledge with him stating, among other things, that we would act as role models for the youth in our lives.  As we were repeating after him, phrase by phrase, we got to the part about not condoning alcohol use by anyone under the age of 21, for any reason. 

That's when Andrew turned around, stuck his arm out and put his pointer finger in the air, aimed right at Mark and said, in his loudest outdoor voice, "But, Dad! You gave me beer once.  Don't you remember!? You shouldn't do that!" 

Needless to say I didn't finish the pledge, what with how I was doubled over laughing and dying of embarrassment. People around us seemed to get a good laugh too.  Right before they called child services on us.

I attended a Mother's Day picnic with Thomas' class today at a local park. It was a little breezy and a little chilly but we endured.  It's also all worth it when a group of four and five-year-olds pledge their love via song and with cards and handpainted flowerpots. The kids had also each answered some questions about their moms and his answers certainly make me feel loved. And also entertained.

And, of course I'm the "bestest one" because I'm not the one that supplies beer to minors.


Rosemary said...

You are the "bestest" one because you are always there for Thomas and for all of your family. Of course, since you're only 24 and weigh 25 pounds, I guess you are also able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Happy Mother's Day, Susan. This wish comes with much love.

Stephanie said...

I love it!

Maria said...

THAT is the BEST card EVER! I can relate to the beer issue. Zac and I were at a birthday party (a few years ago) where we didn't know anyone very well. He comes in the kitchen and asks in his best loud announcer voice if he can have a beer from the cooler. I laugh trying to cover it up and remind him how of course he can't have a beer. And he follows up with the reminder of the time I let him have beer... Yeah. I've been there Mark! Did I mention the birthday party was at a mormon's home? They don't do beer.