April 11, 2010

Grace in small things

It feels like it's time for a Grace In Small Things Post. 

  • A southerly breeze and warm sun is good for the soul. It's also good for getting kids outside so they're TIRED at bedtime!
  • I have a beautiful bouquet of bright yellow flowers in my kitchen that have been here a week and just seem to keep on keeping on. I give them a drink and trim their tired stems each morning and they're rewarding me for that effort with longevity. They're a good reminder to take things one day at a time.
  • Grandpa Butch is here and it's nice to have an extra adult around the house - especially one that prepares meals and cleans.  Thank you!
  • I took a step toward fulfilling a New Year's Resolution today and we attended church on a Sunday other than Easter or Christmas Eve.  It was good thing.
  • Andrew told me tonight I was his favorite person, and he didn't say it just to get something out of me. He stated it as a fact. We all need to hear that we're on someone's favorite people list once in a while. I assured him he was one of mine as well and it made him smile that great big jack-o-lantern grin. 
Hoping you all find grace in small things this week!

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Rosemary said...

So Grandpa Butch is keeping up his cooking skills while visiting. Nice! He's loving being with you all and is really enjoying time with Andrew & Thomas. I'm so glad he could come.