January 17, 2010

That's love

My sister is visiting right now with her two children. We're all enjoying lots of good together time, lots of good food and the cousins are having a big time. Eventually I'll get around to posting more but for now, well, I'm exhausted.

The kids all get along amazingly well considering their ages and the general family dynamics already at play between my two. In fact, they play so well that between three boys and a baby, the volume is generally fairly high. I think, however, most of us have become somewhat immune. Most of us except Great Grandma.  Today she informed us that she has decided to leave her hearing aids at home when she's coming to where all the small people are playing. She announced that after the ruckus on Friday night she just doesn't feel like she needs to hear them any better. 


Rosemary said...

I'll pass this on to Grandpa Butch for consideration.

Maria said...

Mom took the words right out of my comment! lol
How exciting that you all get to do the family togetherness twice in one month!:)