January 4, 2010

How we roll

We've had a little snow here in the last few days.  OK, kind of a lot of snow. And it's kind of cold. The good news is that we've had fun sledding as a family - apparently Mark and I sledding together in one plastic toboggan was entertaining for all involved - and the boys have left tracks in every corner of the yard. Eventually, however, it's time to just hunker down and entertain ourselves indoors where it's warm. Good thing we live with these two. 

It's a little long but there just wasn't a logical edit point before I ended it. However, if you're inclined to skip forward please do check out the 1:19 mark, where for some inexplicable reason Thomas decides he needs more leverage.

Right after this filming, Mark demonstrated his ability to do a handstand. There's more cold in the forecast so we're considering adding that to the act later this week.  Stay tuned.


Maria said...

If Thomas needs some one to manage his future in drumming, I'm open to a change in career! The concentration face is fabulous! :)
I'll be praying for more snow just so I can see that handstand. It has been a few years.

Rosemary said...

That shoulder lift/roll is priceless! Way to go, Thomas. You've got a future in drumming. Andrew, nice flips. Do you all think you might have lost your minds these past couple of weeks without the basement? It looks like you've got more of that white stuff in store. Oh, goody!

Stephanie said...

Oh my word. I just watched this because Wy is at school and I knew that was the only way I could watch it in peace. And oh. my. word. I'm getting pretty excited for the visit!