July 21, 2009

I wo-wo-wo-wo-wonder

  • It's currently 66 degrees. The kids asked for jackets to play in the yard tonight. In Kansas. In July. We're certainly not complaining, but we wonder: Repayment for our April snow or prepayment for an August to come?

  • The boys are both on steroids to alleviate the asthmatic wheezing, shallow breathing and horrid coughing that's wracked their little bodies for the last few days. It's working. It also makes them crazy. We wonder: Prednisone, friend or foe?

  • Andrew's teacher announced her resignation today. He has only 14 days left in her room so they'll "graduate" the same day, I guess. She's been so good to Andrew and to our family. I had hoped Thomas would have her as his teacher too. I'm trying to be positive, so I wonder: Will the next one be just as good, or better?

  • We were so lucky that we had a new niece and new nephew born within a month of each other this spring. One of them is a sick little baby tonight. She's pretty darn cute. We don't like her sick. I wonder: If you have spare prayers and good vibes, would you send them?


Rosemary said...

The wheezing & coughing description sounds as though there are some really miserable boys (and parents). Hope the prednisone works magic. And, prayers will go from here for that precious little girl. Keep us posted.

Maria said...

I'm sending out prayers for Natalie!

kerikish said...

Lots of prayers for all the wondering you have going on right now--but especially for Natalie. I hope everyone gets better very soon in your house too.